Why Feed Raw

General Benefits

Just some of the benefits include:

Better Digestion • Smaller Firmer Stools • Increased Energy • Improved Skin and Coat • Longer Life • Stronger Brighter Teeth • Improved Weight • Mealtime Excitement

Essential Benefits

Raw food provides 3 essential benefits that cooked pet food cannot compete with:


Enzymes are:

  • A catalyst for all processes in the body such as cell growth and breaking down nutrients during digestion
  • Made of proteins and proteins are very easily affected by heat, pH and heavy metal ions

Most food enzymes are essentially destroyed under the conditions used to cook and process food, leaving foods devoid of enzyme activity. Enzymes are denatured when heat is applied.

Amino Acids

Amino acids form the proteins that in turn form muscle tissue and increase fat metabolism.

There are 2 types of amino acids:

  • Essential amino acids
  • Nonessential amino acids

Dogs and cats cannot make essential amino acids and so must obtain them from raw foods.

Intracellular Moisture

Intracellular moisture, also called cytosol, is the:

  • Liquid found inside cells
  • Most effective way for your pet’s digestive system to break down and process their food

Without the moisture from prey animal cells, the digestive system has to work extra hard to complete the digestive process. When cooked, plant and animal cells lose this natural moisture.

Raw Ground Bone

Every batch of Northwest Naturals™ raw natural pet foods for dogs and cats has a minimum of 6% fresh ground bone added.