Hank next to a chicken recipe for dogs bag


I always appreciate getting a chance to work with brands that I’m a fan of IRL! Hank was having issues with food allergies and our local pet store recommended NW Naturals and it’s helped tremendously. Shoutout to Josh at Your Best Friend Pet Supply here in Chicago 🙂

~ Hank’s Mom
Cleo at a park


Cleo is 8 years old and in the best shape of her life thanks to NW Naturals.

When she turned 6, she was on (what I thought) quality kibble. She gained 13lbs and had no energy to walk or play, even though she was taken on walks to the park every day.

She’s the happiest she’s been in her whole life! Now that her diet has changed.

~ Cleo’s Mom


We absolutely love Northwest Naturals! And that’s the only thing our cats will eat.

Our sweet girl Coco almost died. She completely stopped eating food and was wasting away to nothing, so I decided to try the raw food route and got her a bag in each flavor. She went crazy for it and now is thriving and chubby. It’s amazing!

We are so thankful and really believe your food saved her life.

~ Coco’s Family


This year I started an all raw diet of @northwestnaturals.pdx, which has improved Rogue’s skin allergies and ear infections tremendously! It’s really changed her dramatically!

Honestly, I’m surprised how much has changed! Her energy levels are higher, she’s playing more, she doesn’t have dandruff or scabs on her skin anymore, her skin allergies are literally gone, her coat is shinier, she hasn’t gotten a single ear infection since switching, she had tear staining from her eyes watering all day and that even stopped.

It’s like everything about her is better because her body is getting the proper nutrition it’s been needing. I’ll never feed a dog kibble ever again after seeing such drastic changes in her in just a few months.

~ Rogue’s Family


Willow came to us 1 year ago this last August. She was an owner surrender to a Malinois rescue at the age of 13 years old. This poor dog was skin and bones. She looked like a skeleton with skin draped over her. You could see every bone, her ribs, her hips, her skull bones protruding, her chest, it was awful. She’s a large dog in build and structure but only weighed 55 pounds when we got her that day.

I posted about our new girl on Facebook and friends of friends saw it. They gave me information about Northwest Naturals raw dog food. We started feeding it immediately and the transformation was night and day.

Before and after picture of WillowWillow now weighs 74 pounds and looks fantastic. She’s as healthy as a now 14 years old dog breed can be. She’s happy, she gets the zoomies and loves to play with our young lab. Willow will be on this food until she decides it’s time for her journey across the rainbow bridge.

Thank you again, so much!

~ Willow’s Family


Atticus is a Dalmatian which means he cannot process purines like a normal dog, and therefore cannot break down the purines in foods (highest amounts in secreting organ meats and game meats), and if fed these he is highly susceptible to developing Urate Crystals, Kidney Stones, and/or Kidney Sludge, leading to surgery or euthanasia depending on the severity.

This narrows down our food options to Turkey, Chicken, some Lamb, and Fish (not all fish). We found out within the first 4 weeks of owning Atticus that he has an intolerance to Chicken and Lamb. He was constantly covered in hives, had several bald spots from the repetitive hives, and never had solid stool. We spent the whole first year of his life trying different foods, meds, shampoos, food toppers, everything our vet, our breeder, and the internet recommended. Nothing worked. Nothing.

I searched for months for a Dalmatian friendly pre-made Raw Food, and finally discovered Northwest Naturals in early July of 2019. It took a couple weeks to find a supplier and get the food in. But within the first 24 hours he had solid stool for the first time in his life.

Within a week his hives started to fade away and his hair started to regrow. Within 2 weeks he was happy, healthy, with shiny and super soft fur, solid stool, more energy, and more himself than ever before. I truly believe that Northwest Naturals immeasurably raised his quality of life and ultimately saved his life.

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~ Atticus’ Family


I first started feeding NWN frozen raw food to my two cattle dogs in January 2019. One of my dogs had been injured a month prior and was gaining weight on restricted activity despite me reducing his dry kibble by nearly 50%. I had been researching raw diets and NWN caught my attention because it is Oregon-based. It also happened to be one of the most affordable frozen options in my area. I saw nearly immediate improvements in both dogs health. Lucca’s weight steadily went back to normal while still being able to feed an appropriate amount, I no longer need to brush their teeth daily and both have softer coats. The freeze dried option is easy to pack and lightweight for travel, which is important because we backpack a lot! The nuggets are easier to crumble and rehydrate than other freeze dried options I’ve tried. I’m happy knowing that I’m giving my dogs high quality nutrition from a locally owned company.

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~ Lucca’s Mom, Riley


Duke is a 3.5 month old Wire-haired Pit bull mix (we think). Duke was in the Second Chance Program meaning he was saved from being euthanized when he was only 8 weeks old. When I first got Duke he was pretty sick. He had Kennel Cough, a scratched eye, full body rash and was constantly having diarrhea.

The first week I had him he actually lost weight. The vet recommended a prescription dry food. He ate it but it gave him an upset stomach and rash. I tried a few other dry foods and wet foods, but each caused their own problems. I went to the pet store Animal Crackers in Corvallis and they suggested a raw diet from Northwest Naturals.

I noticed almost immediately that his issues were gone. He also loves their frozen bones and will bark at the fridge every morning until he gets one. I could not be more happier with our experience.

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~ Duke’s Mom


We’ve decided to switch our pup to a raw diet and we got your Raw Diet for Dogs Chicken and Salmon Recipe today! Needless to say, our Polū absolutely loves it!! 🥰

We’re excited to try more products as we continue our pup’s journey towards a raw diet! We love supporting PNW brands and were so excited to see your brand at Reber Ranch in Kent, WA!

Thank you again!

~ Aijah and Polu


Olive has extreme sensitivities to chicken and some other proteins. I know a lot about dog nutrition and knew lamb had to be the answer because it’s very easy to digest.

Olive is extremely active and in addition to high quality kibble (because it’s very cost efficient), fruits/vegetables, and supplements… I wanted to give her raw food so bad! I wasn’t a huge fan of making it myself because I wanted the organs and all the good stuff for her… so I started looking. And man… lamb is so hard to find!

Thankfully we went to a little store called @blackbirds bowl and found the holy grail… @northwestnaturals.pdx raw lamb!!

Huge thank you to them because I know it is going to help Olive live a long healthy life <3 Olive scarfs down the raw lamb first thing when she hits the bowl and there have been no stomach upsets and she actually seems more alert and focused since we started feeding it. Just had to get that out there in case anyone else may be struggling or were curious!

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~ Olive’s Dad


We adopted Ember at about 2 months old from a local shelter. There she was munching on a combo of kibble and can food. We already knew of the benefits of feeding raw to cats, but never actually went through the transition with a cat.

For us, it was so easy! Ember instantly took to eating raw. She constantly is supervising us when it comes to meal time. Ember always makes sure her bowl is clean; sometimes she even double checks to make sure she didn’t miss anything.

So far, she has grown into a healthy, happy and extremely soft cat. We frequently use the freeze dried treats to work on basic skills and tricks. The bison liver is a favorite treat to work for. Thank you for giving us the ability to feed a local raw diet. We are excited to work the new recipes in to her diet, I know Ember feels the same.

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~ Ember and family
Chloe next to lamb recipe and beef recipe for dogs


Chloe has been eating raw food for her whole life and thrives on it! We love add variety to her diet and Northwest Naturals is one of her favorites for sure. We love that its local and made with fresh ingredients. We highly recommend it!

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~ Chloe’s Family
Ronan & Kahlua

Ronan & Kahlua

I wanted to take a moment to express how much Northwest Naturals has positively impacted my family. My 2 dogs started down the journey of raw well over a year ago. Before your food, Kahlua (a 10ish year old, golden retriever mix) was severely overweight, having joint problems, and appeared depressed. Ronan (a 6 year old, American Eskimo) was living his life in and out of a cone due to skin allergies, and too was overweight. We tried LID kibbles, increasing exercise and decreasing calories with no luck. Kahlua’s weight continued to increase and Ronan was still extremely itchy.

All of this has turned around since starting Northwest Naturals. Kahlua is down 13 pounds! She also has little to no joint problems. She is finally at a healthy weight. Ronan’s skin is the most durable it has ever been. He is off his prescribed allergy meds, living life outside a cone, and down 8 pounds.

Thank you for the food that you make everyday for dogs and cats. You have truly impacted the longevity of my fur children. Your food has significantly increased their quality of life, and for that I am your biggest advocate and ever grateful.

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Thank you for this opportunity,

~ Josie, Ronan and Kahlua
Jet the Italian greyhound

Jet the Italian Greyhound

Here he is! The love of my life! I thought about him for over 5 years. Was I ready to raise a child?

Finally, I found him. His little stripe on his nose spoke to me. I hopped on a plane from Arizona to Atlanta and came back with Jet. I call him my little Jet-I, also my samurai. Jet is super funny, intelligent, strong, deeply loving and insanely fast! Jet is an AKC Italian Greyhound born March 30, 2018, and currently is weighing in at 14 pounds. He is in school for agility training.

As a fitness and nutrition specialist with over 27 years of experience, I want my boy to thrive by eating a well balanced meal. He has been nourished by NW Naturals since he was 10 weeks old. His three meals a day, give me peace of mind knowing that his body is a product of quality foods made from love. I have absolutely no worries about what he is eating. Every month we switch flavors and when we travel…I get the freeze-dried version. I am so grateful Jet is well fed!

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~ Kimberly R.
Biggie the Boston

Biggie the Boston

Hi there! Just wanted to thank you for an amazing product that Biggie absolutely loves! He has the shiniest coat I’ve ever seen. He eats the raw whitefish and salmon nuggets and wild salmon freeze dried treats! 🧡

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~ Biggie’s Family


This is Lulu… she is 13 ½. I have been feeding her your food and treats for about 3 years! No one can believe her age! I tell everyone it’s her food! I took this pic the other day… I hope you know how much I appreciate your product!


~ Lulu and her mom Lisa


Here is our story about our beloved rescue dog, Mimi. We feel switching her to NW Naturals Raw has saved her life. In July 2017 we took our dog Mimi to the vet because she wasn’t feeling well. After a blood panel was done we were told she had beginning kidney and liver failure. A prescription dry dog food was offered. The vet told me dogs didn’t like it but it would be better for her. I told the vet no thanks, that I didn’t even want any samples and I was going to talk to someone who had been in the pet food business for years and was knowledgeable about dog nutrition. I went home and called our son, Matt Stillman and he suggested I change Mimi to a high quality raw food. He said he would put her on NW Naturals and add a quality dog probiotic at every each meal. We have done that since July and Mimi just had a 6 month checkup with new blood work and her liver and kidney functions are both in the NORMAL range now. The vet said she didn’t know what was going on and I said I did we put her on a quality raw dog food and probiotics is the only things we have changed. I had to share our story and tell you how happy we are that we now have a chance for many more healthy years with our beloved Mimi. Thank- you!


~ Deb & Mimi Stillman


Over 2 years ago I switched over to @northwestnaturals.pdx raw diet and boy let me tell ya what!! My coat is sooo much shinier and softer, my seal legs don’t ache much anymore and I lost all my basset chunk so I will live longer! 10/10 recommend if you want more days to play with your human. Precautions: my farts were awful in the beginning but quickly stopped. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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~ Madison L.
Hank and Nitro

Hank & Nitro

I stopped feeding my 16.5 year old Bulldog, Hank, a kibble only diet. He was diagnosed recently with Mega Esophagus so I switched him over to NWN. He has improved drastically and is no longer showing any symptoms of Mega Esophagus. I like the fact that you’re a local company, and now feed my Aussie puppy Nitro NWN.

~ Andrew B. – Battle Ground Washington


Our golden starting bloating after every meal on kibble at the age of 6 months. And I mean severe bloat for 3-4 hours after eating. He was miserable, and we were devastated. He was losing weight as a puppy, because we couldn’t get enough food in him because of the distention. We took him to different specialists over the course of a year where they ran every test possible. We stopped short of exploratory surgery as we didn’t want to put our young dog through that. All the vets could see by way of scoping and biopsy was small intestinal inflammation and a lot of air in his stomach, but they all agreed he did not fit the pattern of Crohn’s or IBD. That said, vets wanted to put him on steroids and we said no – that we didn’t want a puppy to start a life of steroid use.

Vets tried the antibiotic Tylan powder, then a stomach motility drug, and even pancreatic enzymes. I kept researching diets which ultimately sent me to raw food. Against my vets advice, I started to feed him raw food. I tried making it, which was so labor intensive and then we tried a raw brand. The other brand was fine, but the price tag was over-the-top expensive. Finally, I heard about Northwest when I watched Dr. Karen Becker’s video “Pet Fooled”. Benson improved significantly with raw. I tried weaning him back to kibble, but the bloat kicked back in. Back to raw we went and his gut soon settled down.

After being on strictly raw food for 6 months, his bloat is so minimal, and thankfully, controllable. This food is a godsend for us. I don’t think we would have our dog today if there wasn’t another option from kibble. Of all the raw we tried, our dog does the best on NWN. He loves the food, and we can afford the price.

We love your dog food! We feed strictly NW Naturals raw food to our golden retriever.

~ NWN Customer Marlo V – Phoenix, AZ

Allergies & Itchies – Gone!

Hi, I’m Bogart, a one and a half year old French Bulldog. I started life off on dry dog food, but like many other French Bulldogs I had a problem with the itchies. It was really crimping my style to have to stop my play to scratch. My beautiful, big ears would turn bright red, and I would keep my mom up at night licking whatever spot I could reach. Since I’ve been eating NW Naturals Bison and Chicken raw nuggets I’ve been able to play uninterrupted, my ears are their normal color, and I no longer spend my free time licking my brilliant tiger brindle coat. Watch out for my blistering speeds on the agility course next year!



2001 Best in Show and Best in Specialty show of the Canadian Kennel Club. In 2004 after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and having surgery we changed his diet to NW Naturals, Willie has gone on to compete again and winning Best Veteran in 2004.

~ Patti – Catchpen Kennels
Carmen & Crew

Carmen & Crew

Carmen’s puppies are our fourth generation of naturally reared Bullmastiffs. Northwest Naturals breeder bars make feeding a healthy, palatable raw diet to giant breeds a breeze, and our puppies love the nuggets! Thanks Northwest Naturals!

~ Carol Kendig & Kay Pedisich – Twyce Luvd Kennels
Rayvin & Koda

Rayvin & Koda

When I was in general practice, I discouraged clients from trying a raw diet, too many concerns. I recently changed jobs to a more holistic practice where many employees and clients fed raw. I decided I needed to give it a try so I could offer a real opinion. Well – my dogs made the choice for me! They love it and now my mastiff won’t eat anything else. I love that it is in scored bars for convenience. The important thing is that my dogs are doing great, the high protein even helped Koda after her second cruciate surgery.

~ Deanne Zenoni – DVM TOPS Veterinary Rehab


I have been an advocate of raw diets for dogs and cats for many years. Northwest Naturals impressed me with the uniformity of the product, the user-friendly packaging, and most importantly, the high quality and balance of ingredients. Bungee has thrived on the diet, and the high digestibility and low waste is a big plus for this active dog who needs extra calories to keep up with his high drive. When people ask how I keep him so fit, I tell them it’s a combination of good genetics, proper conditioning, and a great diet. Thanks, Northwest Naturals, for being part of his team!

~ Christine Jurek, DVM, TOPS Veterinary Rehab
Noble & Valiant

Noble & Valiant

Noble and Valiant love Northwest Naturals food. It is food just as Mother Nature intended for dogs, hearty, wholesome and full of balanced raw nutrients to keep dog’s bodies and minds active and healthy. Northwest Naturals is the top selling brand at my store and most often requested food by all my clients, canine and human alike!

~ Nina – Dundee, Illinois


Tegan Park USA Labradoodles start life with Northwest Naturals. We believe in a great diet for the Labradoodle life. Tegan Park USA; Lady Lake Florida. Visit us at

~ Leslie – Teagan Park, Florida