Frequent Buyer Program

Customer Rewards

Buy 12, Get 1 Free


Welcome to our Consumer Rewards Program

Getting with the program is easy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Keep the UPC’s or Proof of Purchase (All new packaging has Proof of Purchase Icon) and original sales receipts for 12 items. These may be different recipes but must be the same type of product (nuggets, bars, chubs, cases, toppers, or bones).
  2. Send 12 UPC’s with receipts to: PO Box 30028, Portland, Oregon 97294. Please include your full name, address, product purchased, and size of bag.
  3. Once received and processed, we will send you a voucher for the free product of equal or lesser value. You can then take the voucher to an independent retailer to receive your free product.
  • If you are purchasing large amounts or cases, please give your retailer a call and make sure they have enough products in stock ahead of you visiting.
  • Make sure you use it right away, there is an expiration date on your voucher!
  • Retailers will submit the voucher to their distributor for credit.

Buy 12 get 1 Free Coupon (PDF)

Are You Looking for Something?

Where do I find the Best By Date and Batch Number?

Best by dates and Batch numbers for our pet food are stamped on the back of the packaging.

This stamp appears like the following:

Best if used by:

07/21/2020 D-7

The digits following the date are the Batch Number for that product. D-7 is the batch number.

Best If Used by Placement

Where do I find the UPC code?

The UPC code can be found on the back of all Northwest Naturals packaging.

UPC Code Placement on the Back of Our Packaging

Where do I find the Proof of Purchase?

The Proof of Purchase can be found on the upper right corner on the back of our Bags and Chubs.

Proof of Purchase Area

Check with your Retailer

An Automated Program May Be Available

Northwest Naturals is also a part of the Retail Managed Frequent Buyer Program – ASTRO (and others) – So, please check with your retailer. With this program, you do not have to keep receipts or UPC’s the retail register system keeps track for you!

Some retailers may have a signed agreement with Northwest Naturals frequent buyer program to manage their own FBP on their computer, eliminating your need to keep UPC’s and receipts. Please inquire with your favorite retailer to see if they currently offer this service. This offer is extended to our Independent retailers that carry the full line of NWN.

All receipts must be dated within 18 months prior to submission for free product.

Consumers must use one program or the other – Northwest Naturals Reward program may not be combined with any other promotion, discount, code, coupon and/or offer. Reward Program has no cash value.

Please note: Receipts from stores – that have signed up with ASTRO, use other POS driven programs or Retailed Managed Frequent Buyer programs that provide in store redemption are not valid to use with a consumer mail in rebate.

Online purchases are not eligible for Northwest Naturals Frequent Buyer program.

For more information email Northwest Naturals.

Thank you for choosing Northwest Naturals!