Green & Sustainable


Morasch Meats, now 5 generations in to their family-owned business:

  • Has been at the forefront of environmentally friendly development within their community and the food processing industry since the business was founded in 1956
  • Was the first USDA meat manufacturing facility to produce raw frozen pet food under the same high USDA guidelines set for human food

Northwest Naturals was proudly created under the name of Morasch Meats, and here, going green is not just a saying; it is the way we do business.

  • Northwest Naturals is a company that respects the earth, nature, and has a vision for the future
  • Customers can be assured their pets are very important to us
  • Northwest Naturals provides the highest quality, most convenient, and best value raw frozen pet food products using green, environmentally friendly process controls
  • We are calling the program “Green Fleet Pioneer”(GFP)
  • This is a special designation to recognize the efforts we make in helping reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transportation sector and diversify the fuel pool in California and Oregon to reduce petroleum dependency

Northwest Naturals’ Recycling Program

Solar Array Real Time Look
Solar array system performance, power and energy, and environmental benefits

Ongoing Efforts

Consumers nationwide are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious about the way they live, reflecting this in the steps they take in their everyday lives. This includes recycling at home, at work and, with the vast reaches of the internet, researching manufacturers who follow similar eco-friendly practices.

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As the world changes, Northwest Naturals believes it is our responsibility to customers, ourselves and generations to come, to maintain and protect the environment. We will continue to look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment and produce an eco friendly, green product.

Find more information about our on-going efforts:

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