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Located in Crown Point and Valpo, Indiana, Woof Life is a pet boutique specializing in nutritious food and healthy products for dogs and cats. With over 15 furry family members among our staff, we have first-hand experience with a multitude of pet wellness needs, behavioral and medical issues, and special dietary requirements. We’re here do all that we can to help your pet family lead long and happy lives.

What Do You Look for in a Dog Food Store?

A store that will give you sound advice on what you should feed your dog? A fun store to shop in where you can bring your dog and be treated like family? Or do you just want to run in to the store and grab a bag of dog food and head out.

At Woof Life we believe shopping for your dog and cat should be fun. We want you and your dog to enjoy coming into our store and visiting with us. We love to educate our customers and help them make the best food choices that they can make for their dogs and cats. Woof Life is truly your neighborhood dog and cat food store offering only the top rated dog and cat foods that have met our guidelines for quality.

“The most important decision you can make for your dog or cat is what goes in their food bowl”– Dr. Barbara Royal

The Woof Cartel

They have been in business for 13 years and have built an incredible team. They like to call themselves ‘The Woof Cartel’! Leslie Cook, owner and certified nutrition expert, herds the pack out of trouble. The Cartel also has 4 other certified nutrition experts; Ashlee, Gina, Tracy, and Elyse.

Favorite Northwest Naturals Products

Although they carry most, if not all, of our products, they thing they love the most from our brand is the different protein options. Having a wide variety of proteins is great for pets with allergies or other issues because there is always an option for them.

“We love Northwest Naturals because it is a well-respected brand, humane grade USDA, high quality, humane grade supplements, and at a great value. They are also very transparent which gives me comfort having them in my stores.” Leslie Cook.

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