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How Wet Nose Was Born

Wet Nose all started because of Lilly.

Lilly is Shelia and Joe’s (founders of Wet Nose) fur baby that has had some health issues and once they found a way to help her, they wanted to help other pet parents to find help that isn’t always easily accessible.

“I didn’t realize how unhealthy she was until I saw how healthy she had become. She seemed happier. I told my husband, Joe, that it was upsetting to know that I blindly followed our vet’s advice in the past. If I was made aware of these “alternative” options, I’m sure that I would have explored them. So I gave him a cold beer, sat him down, and said, “Do you know how many pets we could help if we opened up a store?” I know there are devoted people out there like me that would do anything for their pets…that want nothing but the best for them. I wanted to help enhance those relationships. And that was how Wet Nose was born” (Shelia).

Mission Statement

Northwest naturals refrigerated productsTo improve the quality of life for pets and the people who love them. The store offers a beautiful, unexpected adventure with each visit.

Favorite Northwest Naturals Products

Lilly actually gets to chime in on this one – her favorite food from Northwest Naturals was the Frozen Beef Nuggets for Dogs. At Wet Nose, Northwest Naturals has always been the ‘go-to’ brand from day one. The food helps pets transition well to frozen or freeze-dried raw.

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