Northwest Naturals Quiz

All of the answers for this test can be found in the NWN training booklet and on our website. This short video can also provide some added insight into Northwest Naturals. Please give the best answer (in your opinion) to each question. Please complete the test and submit it.

NWN will grade your test on a pass/fail basis – 80% is passing. If you pass, Northwest Naturals would like to send you a small token of our appreciation for taking the time and interest in learning about our product. Thank you for your participation!

Welcome to Your NWN Quiz 22A

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1. Northwest Naturals is Manufactured in:
2. What are 3 essential benefits of a raw diet:
3. What Makes Northwest Naturals Raw Food Safe for My Pet?
4. Why is NWN Good for Pets with Food Sensitivity?
5. Why does NWN use Individually Quick Freezing (IQF):
6. Some benefits of feeding Raw Bones:
7. What is the benefit of garlic:
8. What are the benefits of Veggie and Fruit Nuggets:
9. Why do NWN raw diets differ in color and texture:
10. Benefits of feeding a Raw diet:
11. Northwest Naturals uses the following safety protocol:
12. What role do enzymes play in a raw diet:
13. What role does intracellular moisture play in a raw diet:
14. What are the Benefits in Only Feeding a Small Amount of NWN?
15. Which NWN formulas are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO for all life stages including growth for large pets:
16. What does a Positive Release Program mean?
17. High Pressure Cold Processing:
18. NWN Feeding Guidelines are calculated based on:
19. NWNs treats are especially good for pets with allergies because:
20. How is the USDA involved with Northwest Naturals?
21. Northwest Naturals Cat Food Recipes are:
22. The following makes Northwest Naturals different:
23. If you pass the quiz, what NWN product would you like a free bag of:
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