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Patsy’s Pet Market

Patsy’s Pet Market is 8 years young, opening its doors in September 2015 by owner Patsy McGirl. Patsy has been in the awesome pet industry for 26 years. She’s had two pet related businesses and loves being able to learn about the nutrition side of the industry. It has always been a very satisfying job for her, but after so long of seeing it done a certain way, she knew she must open her own retail store to serve what was missing in the community for pet food. “Seeing all these dogs with itchy skin and flipping bags of food for so long, I realized they probably shouldn’t be eating this” (Patsy). Timing aligned and the right place opened up for her own store the way she wanted to.

What Makes Patsy’s Unique

“The look and feel of my store is very warm and friendly. A country vibe that suits perfectly in Texas. My staff is what sets me apart from anyone else in my area. They are some of the finest/nicest folks and also the hardest working team. Super southern and friendly and gets to know people. A resource in the community. Competition and dog training. And training staff to be the same ” (Patsy).


“Shopping local is my main emphasis in my community, as I am a woman run business that supports local schools, local charity groups, local rescue groups while mentoring my staff to all be leaders.  I also bring in kids from the local schools with IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) on a work program encouraging and guiding them to work in the real world after graduation.  Plus I am very knowledgeable about canine leadership and nutrition so I offer workshops on canine enrichment, Dog Walking Clinics, training events, and tricks classes – all free” (Patsy).

The Team

“They are kind, good, honest, loyal and incredibly friendly.  They are loved by our great customers even a bit more than me.  They are all accountable to their attitude and behavior upon entering the shop. They know I demand greatness and their best.  We all care greatly for one another and out customers – and I am super proud of them” (Patsy).

Favorite Northwest Naturals Products

“The freeze-dried diets! Cause dogs love it! I have sold NWN for as longs as I’ve had a retail business. I was actually one of the first retailers in the south to sell NWN and I knew this was where the industry was going and have been able to see that and know that – I’ve been a long time seller and I love it and sell behind it. We only sell 3 brands of Freeze Dried, but the treats are my favorite and a must have. Such a great company, great price point, and the dogs love it. I feel so much confidence selling the brand in my store” (Patsy).

“Melissa Bateman, my sales representative, is an asset to the brand. I always enjoy when she visits as she is very thorough and delivers exactly what she says she will do for my shop. I always tell her she is ‘old school’ cause she understands how to treat a retailer.” (Patsy)

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