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Benson’s Pet Center

opened its doors under its current ownership in the fall of 1992. A father and son owned business to start, Benson’s has expanded to over 125 employees with 8 retail locations across the Capital Region of Upstate New York, and Pittsfield Massachusetts. They also have a standalone specialty fish store in Saratoga Springs, NY.

What makes Benson’s Pet Center unique?

“Benson’s puts the health, safety, and wellness of pets first.” Through extensive and ongoing training with each and every employee, they go the extra mile to make sure they are serving the animals of their area as best they can, and the people who choose to shop there. Benson’s is known for their vast knowledge of pet food, animal care, and above and beyond customer service. From carrying your dog’s food to the car, to researching best solutions for any issues a customer may have with their pet. Their motto is; “to never say no to a customer. If any of our staff finds themselves wanting to say no, we encourage them to ask someone else how to make it a YES!”

“We are here for YOU! We are happy to answer any and all questions you might have. And if we don’t know an answer to something, we will do our best to find one! We are a wonderful resource for pet nutrition, animal care, and up to date information of all things relating to your pets. We are pet people ourselves, so we understand how much your pets mean to you because they mean the same to us.”

What’s your favorite NWN product and why?

“Here at Benson’s, we absolutely LOVE the texture of the Freeze-Fried food! It’s easy to crumble into a topper, give as a dental treat for cats, or as a complete meal. It’s completely dry, as it should be. We probably sell the Freeze-Fried Chicken Breast the most, but we also really love the Raw Food. We value that the cold process of HPP (high-pressure processing) to preserve the raw does not change the integrity of the product at all. It’s never heated or cooked, so it maintains all of its intended vitamins and minerals.”

Why is it important to shop local?

“Each purchase that is made at Benson’s Pet Center plays a part in supporting the families of each of our employees. Our success directly impacts the people who have dedicated themselves to our company. Whether it’s a part time position, or a lifelong career, the people who work at Benson’s rely on the consumers of our area to shop with us. There are no corporate headquarters states away making decisions without seeing the impact it has on their people. We are all invested in the success of Benson’s as a whole because we believe there is still value in personal connections, impeccable customer service, and doing what’s right, not just what is easy or more profitable. We put animals and people first. In addition to that, we put our dollars back into the local community. We sponsor local sports teams and events, fundraisers, and rescue organizations as well. Our support extends even beyond the world of pets to the special Olympics, baseball and softball teams, and other sports. We care for supply the fish tanks in local schools and have done educational fish presentations for little ones. When it comes to charity contributions for local events, we give as much as we can, as often as we can.”

A Thank You, from Benson’s Pet Center to Everyone!

“We are so grateful to our loyal customers, employees, and executive staff who have all made Benson’s what it is today. From the non-profit organizers, store managers, and vendors, to the people cleaning cricket cages, we are a united team of people from all kinds of backgrounds who have come together with the same objective; to better the lives of every animal we possibly can and support the humans who love them.”

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