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The Stock Shop

in Glendale Arizona was started by an animal loving pharmacist who lived in the community and saw a need for a feed store in 1970. Shortly later in 1982 the store was sold to a local 4-H kid (Americas largest youth development organization). He and his family grew the store into what it is today. Feeding and caring for all creatures big and small.

Favorite Northwest Naturals Products

“We love the chubs!!!” Our chubs are a great cost-effective way to feed a complete raw diet and are especially appropriate for households with large or multiple dogs. A customer favorite at Stock Shop is our Turkey Necks.

What makes The Stock Shop unique?

The Stock Shop is a unique business because of the family atmosphere. They started out as a feed & tack store initially back in the ’70’s but evolved into a pet specialty store. They carry everything from Leopard Gecko’s to hay feed to frozen pet foods, such as Northwest Naturals so they have a need for everyone.

They are a neighborhood store in a great community in Glendale Arizona and they love their customers. If they don’t have something in stock, they will go out of their way to find it and get it at their store for a customer. They also take great pride in educating their staff to meet the wide variety of customers and their needs.


Why is it important to shop local?

“Shopping local is important because these types of businesses support local economies and give back to local communities and causes.  Local businesses employ locals.  We use local distributors.  All of this keeps our local economy thriving.”


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