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Paws and Pints is now open! Come listen to live music, grab a coffee from our 5 Borough Express, get some work done on our patio, or hangout and have a drink with friends. All while your dog can get exercise, socialization, and have a blast! On your way out, stop by the Bonetique, featuring our NWN selection. Download our mobile app and book your grooming, bathing, training, lodging and daycare services today.


History of business?

Paws & Pints is the first of its kind, providing everything your dog could ever want, all under one woof! This concept and journey began 5 years ago when the owners, Megan and Kyle Casey, visited Colorado and saw a dog bar for the first time.

They fell in love with the concept of dog owners coming together and enjoying a cocktail, while their dogs can get the socialization and exercise, they need. Kyle and Megan knew Des Moines lacked dog-friendly options for the three members of their tribe, Kora, Murphy, and Myers, who they take everywhere with them. They were constantly driving to different appointments all across central Iowa for grooming, training, vet services, and going to the dog park. That’s when the pair of canine enthusiasts decided to set out to find a bigger, and more exciting way to bring the DSM dog community together. After extensive research and preparation, it was time to em-bark on this journey and open their own Doggy Disneyland right here in Des Moines. We officially opened to the public on August 18, 2022.

What makes your business unique?

From the beginning, the goal was to create a business that catered to dogs and their owners at the same time, while also creating a membership that truly has value. Paws & Pints is the first one-stop-shop in the nation that provides unmatched safety, convenience, quality and fun within every service we offer. Our team understands the everyday needs dog owners have, and our unique space allows humans and dogs to have fun together! Your Best Friend’s Bar features upscale bar food and drinks, a coffee house, retail, many TV’s, a live music stage, firepit and a nice patio to hang out with friends or get some work done.

The dog parks provide the socialization and exercise your dog is begging for. With water features, obstacle courses, a jungle gym, walking trails, and SO many tennis balls, the details really make this a one of a kind experience. Our Mo’tail & Spaw offers grooming, daycare, lodging, training, and a future vet clinic. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing the best services to make sure your pup is dreaming about us when they get home.

What do you want your customers to know about your store?

The Bonetique at Paws & Pints is a one-stop-shop for your dog’s nutrition. You can pick up your dog’s food, toys, treats and P&P swag! Our large selection of products is handpicked by our owners themselves to ensure no matter what your pup sniffs out, they are leaving with something that is good for them! That is why we offer a variety of healthy, natural products with only the best ingredients. Northwest Naturals is the perfect example of one of the brands we believe in, because of their environmentally conscious mission. Nothing but the best for our furry friends!

What’s your favorite NWN product and why?

Our Bonetique holds many NWN products, and we’ve received some positive feedback. The FUNctional Toppers are one of our favorites! It is an easy way to add delicious flavor and is made with the highest quality ingredients. Paws & Pints shoppers have expressed their love for convenient food toppers that add something extra to your dog’s nutrition. The Chicken Breast and New Zealand Green Mussels flavor is a drool worthy favorite that aids in joint inflammation and helps with arthritis.

Why is it important to shop local?

There are so many reasons to shop local. Not only is it better for the environment by reducing transportation and carbon footprint, but it is an investment in your community. Local owners’ workday and night to provide the best products and services. There are no cutting corners to meet a worldwide demand like some big corporations. Our Bonetique holds many local brands because the dedication to healthy, natural products is unmatched. Small and local businesses are the backbone of our economy, creating local jobs. The diversity and knowledge of local owners create products and services that you may not find at national chain stores. Shopping locally supports your neighborhood, community and supports future growth! The owners of Paws & Pints have dedicated their life to bringing the best experiences and services to the Des Moines canine community, and that includes bringing in as many local businesses and products as we can.


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