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All Natural Pet Supply

stores in Washington was bought in December 2015 by owner Tom Fralia. Ever since then All Natural Pet Supply has been growing even larger to serve their guests and their furry family members! 2019 was a big year for All Natural Pet Supply as it saw their Hazel Dell location re-open in a new storefront location after a tragic fire claimed the original and then later that year our largest and newest store opened in Battle Ground. All Natural Pet Supply continues to grow and innovate to this day as 2022 saw the Grand Opening of the Kitty Cat Corner Hotel Luxury Cat boarding with 7 suites available inside their Battle Ground location.

What makes All Natural Pet Supply unique?

“We take nutrition very seriously at All Natural Pet Supply, and the training of our staff takes a very high priority with us! Each store has at least one, often multiple certified pet nutritionists on staff. As the sign on the door says, “We are Clark County’s Pet Nutrition Experts.” Our team has a combined 80+ years in the Pet Food industry to serve you, and we are committed to living up to and exceeding the needs and expectations of our human guests and their pets! We stand behind and guarantee every product we sell.”

“Our team is here to help! Is your pet itchy, stinky, or struggling with some other diet related problem? Our team loves to troubleshoot these problems & help you find a food that will help your pet THRIVE!”

What’s your favorite NWN product and why?

“Our favorite is definitely the Original Nugget Diets. The vast majority of our staff are dedicated Raw Feeders and have seen firsthand the difference it makes in the health of our pets. We love supporting a local company and the sustainability practices that Northwest Naturals endorses and practices!”

Why is it important to shop local?

“Shopping local is one of the best ways to support your community! Everyone in our company is part of that local community, we’re your neighbor, your kid’s friend’s parents, even just that person you say hi to in the grocery store, and/or of course your fellow pet lover and owner! When you shop local, that money stays in the community. Many of our guests are business owners as well and we support their businesses right back. It’s all about sharing and supporting your own local community.”

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Also check our their NEW Kitty Cat Hotel!

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