National Adopt A Cat Month

June is National Adopt A Cat Month, and nothing could make cat lovers happier than if wonderful new homes became available for many delightful, deserving felines. When we hear the word “adopting” most of our minds rush to rescue organizations, and this is generous and kind because there are so many cats languishing in shelters or still roaming the streets. But if you are interested in a particular breed of cat and purchasing it from a breeder is your only option, you, too are “adopting” a cat. Whether from a responsible breeder or a shelter, you are “taking up another’s pet and bringing it up as one’s own.” The choice is yours, and the good news is that either way you decide a feline is finding a new forever home.

Things to Consider

Before you adopt a cat, ask yourself if you truly love this species. Don’t be talked into a pet that is not right for you. Cats are unique pets that let us bring a bit of the wild into our lives. People can find that facet of feline nature anywhere from fascinating to disconcerting. Examine your pet’s expectations before you adopt a cat to be sure this will be the right companion for you. But with 85.8 million pet cats in the USA, you will be joining a large group of very happy cat owners. After all, cats are the most popular pet in the country.

If you believe adding a cat is the right choice for you, you will be pleased to know that owning a pet is considered good for your health. Studies have shown that petting a cat releases feel-good endorphins and may even help prevent heart attacks as the calming, stress-reducing, rhythmic stroking tends to lower heart rates and blood pressure. Living with a cat reduces loneliness, gives owners a sense of purpose, and is emotionally satisfying. And caring for a cat, developing a bond with it, and watching it majestically move around your home or tumble about as a kitten is deeply enjoyable. In general, cats are easy to live with being independent, quick learners, habitually clean, and not needy. Some cats like to play and are quite active, others are the proverbial couch potato while most are in between those extremes. Studying breed characteristics can be helpful in determining what type of cat will fit best in your lifestyle, but remember that each feline is unique and will have its own set of foibles and endearing traits. You will grow to laugh at and cherish them all.


Cats are true carnivores. Be prepared to feed them a species-appropriate raw meat diet such as the NWN feline raw complete and balanced raw diets. You can also occasionally add raw frozen chicken necks as a special treat. Thaw the neck and see if your cat is interested. For first-time raw neck feeders, please hold on to one end of the neck while your cat gnaws on the other end. Always supervise your cat when feeding raw bones as they could become overly excited and try to swallow a large piece. While that rarely happens, we want the full carnivore experience of eating a meaty neck bone to be a fun and stimulating event. With a life spans of 15 – 20 years, starting your cat out with the right diet will make those years healthy and happy.

So if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind new companion, please consider adding a cat to your life. These mysterious, cuddly, intelligent, silly, graceful, curious creatures will bring joy to your world.

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