Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween

The Dangers Hiding in the Sweets, Tricks, and Treats.

You’ve worked hard to switch your pets over to a healthy and balanced diet, and take care to make sure that they are eating only the best foods and treats.  To ensure they stay healthy, here are some tips on keeping your pets safe on Halloween.


Most people know that chocolate is bad for dogs, but the reason why is a lesser known fact. One of the ingredients is chocolate is something called theobromine.  This is something that we humans can easily metabolize, but dogs cannot process it out of their system.  Depending on the size of your dog and the amount of chocolate ingested, the effects can range from an upset stomach too much more serious issues and even death.  Keep chocolate out of reach and if your dog does eat some, be sure to call your vet.

Artificial Sweeteners

While low calorie candy might be the lesser of two evils for us humans, artificial sweeteners like Xylitol are harmful to pets.  Xylitol is dangerous to both cats and dogs because it causes a sharp increase in the production or release of insulin, which can make your them hypoglycemic. These sweeteners are in everything from chewing gum, to candies, to beverages.  Keep things with artificial sweeteners out of your pets reach.

Small Toys

With the rise of food allergies, humans are opting in some cases to give away small toys.  Just like in small humans, these toys can be a choking hazard to your pets and may even cause other damage like intestinal blockage.  Be sure to watch for the little treats in your small human’s treat bags.

Streamers, Faux Cobwebs and Other Decorations

Keep an eye on your pets around Halloween decorations.  Things that are brightly colored might attract them and look like something fun to chew on.  What your fur baby doesn’t know, is that eating these string-like decorations can lead to a trip to the emergency vet.

Scary Lights and Sounds

Halloween is full of frights for pets and humans alike.  People dressed up in costumes, ringing your doorbell and yelling words that dogs don’t understand can cause high fear and anxiety.   In fact, aside from holidays with fireworks, Halloween is the night when more pets go missing, as they run off in fear.  Take a few steps this Halloween to make sure that your pets are comforted and safe.

Have some Fun!

Dress up your pets! Check out your local pet store for fun costume ideas or contests. Northwest Naturals is having a contest – watch for our posts!

You can do some good this Halloween for shelter pets in need!

Many shelters accept gently used pet Halloween costumes and use them at different events to help shy pets get adopted.  If you have costumes lying around your house, consider dropping them off at your local shelter.  Call ahead if you have questions about their need or whether they accept costumes – they’ll be happy to hear from you!

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