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Hungry Hound

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About Hungry Hounds

In 2004, Shelley was baking cookies at her home and handing them out to friends and family. She then started selling them at craft shows. As she learned more about the ingredients and recipes, she realized what was really in pet food and wanted to help educate people. She then opened her first store in 2005. Her first store is in St. John Indiana, her second opened in 2013 in Hobart Indiana, and her third store is in Valpo Indiana in 2020.

At Hungry Hound, they believe every pet is special and deserves only the best foods and treatment, which is why you can be certain that all of the products and services they offer are of the highest quality.

What Makes Hungry Hounds Unique?

Customers will love the boutique feel and high-quality products. Shelley online stocks the store with the highest quality food and treats – including her gourmet treats!

Some of their services include dog grooming, nutritional counseling, gourmet dog treats, local delivery, or curbside pickup.

The Team

Our employees care about our guests and their pets like they are family by offering amazing customer service and product knowledge. The staff at Hungry Hound Boutique and Grooming is committed to continually learning more about pet care, products, and nutrition so we can provide you with the best products and services around. The staff at each location is educated so they can be there to help customers with questions and make great recommendations.

Shopping Local

“We love our customers from Saint John, Hobart, Merrillville, Cook, Brunswick, Kreitzburg, Lake Hills, Rolling Hill Estates, Schererville, New Elliott, Dyer and Hartsdale areas. Thank you so much for supporting your local pet food and supply store”

Why Do They Carry Northwest Naturals?

“We love NWN because there is no middleman. Product ingredients are sourced locally and manufacturing is done from start to finish in their own facility. The company is personable and approachable answering tough questions – extremely transparent. A true mom and pop fee;” (Shelley).

Our Freeze Dried products are their personal favorite product from us. “Freeze Dried is so versatile, shelf-stable, and can be used for treats or a complete diet. Very easy to keep in your pocket for training” (Shelley).

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