How To Choose A “Natural” Pet Treat That Is Truly Healthy

The Bag Said “Natural” Pet Treat

Many pet owners are extremely careful when choosing their pet’s diet. They study ingredient panels and reject brands that are less than transparent. However, some of these same vigilant owners will casually grab an eye-catching bag of treats to take home for Fido or Fifi. Often, we see the word “Natural” on a bag of treats and don’t investigate further until we get home, finally read the ingredients, and are shocked at what we have bought.

Many treats contain artificial and low-quality ingredients made from animals previously pumped with antibiotics and hormones. Hormones increase muscle development and fast growth, and antibiotics protect against illness. If you feed your pets such treats, it may lead to immunity buildup against antibiotics. This means that if your pet ever needs the protection of that antibiotic, it will not be effective. Ingesting hormones can also lead to hyperactivity and cause other health problems as well.

High Quality Ingredients

All natural pet treats, on the other hand, do not contain any hormones or antibiotics. These high-quality natural treats are a better choice for pet parents who want the best for their furry friends. They will also be gentle on your pet’s digestive system without the synthetic colors or artificial flavors so abundant in most treats.

If your pet has an allergy, checking ingredients on treats before you buy is essential. Soy, wheat, corn, and “natural flavoring” tend to be key components of many treats and these substances can trigger allergies. If you don’t know what an ingredient on the label is, please don’t risk your pet’s health. Always look for treats with the fewest number of ingredients and only healthy ones that you understand.

Inflammation and Imbalance

Highly processed treats with unknown ingredients cause irritation and create an imbalance in the gut flora, which is integral for positive mood and good mental health. Moreover, just like in humans, your pet’s stomach, heart, and brain are sensitive to what they eat or drink. Any kind of imbalance can contribute to inflammation and stress throughout their bodies, thus affecting them mentally. Natural treats will be gentle on your pet’s stomach, thus reducing inflammation and lessening the chances of bad reactions.

Quality of Food = Quality of Life

Our pets love their treats so it’s up to us to make sure we are feeding treats that do no harm. High quality natural treats contribute to better digestion, lowering the risk of diseases, strengthening immunity, and increasing energy. This speaks directly to good physical and mental health which increases quality of life. Adding single ingredient meat treats to your pet’s diet will be a welcome source of enjoyment as well as a nutritional boost to them.


~By Carol Kendig

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