Grizzy’s Transformation: How Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Food Saved the Day!

If you’re a pet owner, you know that your furry friend’s health and happiness mean the world. You also know how much information is out there and understandably can be very overwhelming. That’s why I want to share our incredible journey with Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Dog Food and how it transformed our 4-year-old Catahoula, Grizzy, from an overweight pup into a vibrant, active, and joyful canine companion.

The Struggle with Weight 

Before discovering Northwest Naturals, Grizzy was not the picture of health. He was overweight, battled environmental allergies, and became very unhappy and depressed. It was only after we moved to S. Florida we realized despite the various food and climate changes, that his energy and skin were not improving. Grizzy eventually became very lethargic and it was what felt like an endless cycle of changing foods and adding supplements to help the itchy boy who hated walking! We eventually enrolled Grizzy in a training course to jumpstart his activity. Luckily we met an amazing dog parent community who suggested we visit this local pet store whose owner was known as a food guru. After a thorough conversation about Grizzy’s food journey, she suggested that Grizzy could be allergic to many things and the best starting point was switching him raw not only for regular meals but also for all treats.

The Turning Point

So we decided to make a switch to a raw diet. We started with the Northwest Naturals frozen formula but unfortunately, Grizzy didn’t love the texture of raw meat but he did eat it. We were adamant about trying this avenue given the success we had heard. Also considering our travel lifestyle I was also concerned about switching to a diet that required a freezer. Luckily Northwest Naturals offered a freeze dried formula that offered all of the benefits without a freezer! After using a bag for training class Grizzy was beside himself excited for what I called the “popcorn treats”.  I knew we had a good product on our hands when the drool was puddled as soon as the bag came out.  Lastly, they were available in all of the locations we planned to travel for the next year. I am a big advocate of sticking with what I know. This was a game-changer for us.

The Northwest Naturals Difference

Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Dog Food offers a balanced and nutritious diet that truly mimics what a dog’s ancestors would have eaten in the wild. It’s packed with all-natural ingredients, free from artificial additives, fillers, or preservatives. What impressed us most was the transparency of their ingredients list – I could confidently say I know exactly what I am feeding Grizzy. My favorite part is when we travel Grizzy tends to be stubborn with drinking water. With the freeze dried option, I can add water to rehydrate and ensure Grizzy is getting what he needs while we sometimes spend 15+ hours in the car. 

Grizzy’s Transformation

Within weeks of switching Grizzy to Northwest Naturals, I stopped all of the supplements and we began to see a remarkable change. His weight started to drop, and his energy levels soared. It was like he was a completely new pup! The transformation was astonishing – he was running, playing fetch, and his zest for life was back. 

A Healthier, Happier Grizzy

Today, Grizzy is a shining example of the difference the right diet can make. He’s at a healthy weight, 15 lbs lighter, his coat gleams with vitality, and his eyes sparkle with happiness and guess what? The itchiness subsided and he rarely has flare-ups when all of the plants come out to bloom. It was like we finally knew all of our efforts of changing foods pointed to the crap that was in the processed kibble. Our once-overweight Grizzy has officially shredded the weight and maintains a healthy balanced lifestyle. Almost 5 years old he can now hike 3-5 miles at a time which a few years ago we would have never thought was possible. 


Our journey with Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Dog Food has been nothing short of life-changing for Grizzy. We can’t thank this incredible brand enough for giving us our beloved Grizzy back – happier and healthier than ever. If you’re facing similar struggles with your fur baby. I highly recommend giving Northwest Naturals a try. It’s a decision you won’t regret, and your pet will thank you for it every day with tail wags and kisses. Grizzy is living proof of the incredible transformation that’s possible with the right nutrition, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Written Testimony by: Anastacia Schuttenberg (Grizzy’s Mom)

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Where does Grizzy get his food from?

Grizzy buys his food from Animal Crackers Pet Supply in Corvallis, OR but originally found, and fell in love with our brand at Healing Paws Center in Oakland Park, FL.

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