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We Love What We Do & We Hope It Shows

“At Bridger Animal Nutrition, we believe that good health and diet equals a better and happier animal. Our educated and passionate staff strive to provide you with the resources, products and services that will bring the most joy and health to your pets, livestock and you. We each have our own stories and journeys with animals, just like you, and take our time to get to know your concerns, goals, limitations and expectations for you and your animal companions.”

We Offer the Largest Selection of Raw Pet Food in Bozeman, MT

“The food products we stock are chosen based on the well-being of animals and the environment. Nutrition is a fledgling science and scientists are still learning about different nutrient requirements and synergistic relationships and how these affect organisms short term and long term. At Bridger, strive keep up with the current knowledge and offer the newest items in nutrition that the market can supply given all the rules and regulations enforced by regulating agencies. We make every effort to keep you informed about what we know and why we choose to carry, or not carry, certain products. We offer the largest selection of raw pet food in Bozeman, MT!”

“Being a pet and feed store for 30 years, we have become a pillar in the local pet community advocating for natural, whole food nutrition.”

Since 1984

“Bridger Feeds has been a mainstay of Bozeman since 1984, contributing dollars, time and energy into our community’s fairgrounds, animal shelters, and 4-H club. In order to expand beyond being known as just a feed store, we rebranded in 2010 as Bridger Feeds Animal Nutrition Center, later being shortened to Bridger Animal Nutrition. We specialize in the science of diet and nutrition and offer the most current feed solutions for your animals and are constantly adapting our practices as research progresses.”

Favorite Northwest Naturals Products

“We love NWN Raw Rewards Freeze Dried Treats for Cats and Dogs. They make wonderful tasty treats and we have yet to meet a pet that doesn’t love them!”. Even though their treats are their favorite, they carry a ton of our raw diets as well! This is our freezer at Bridger – check out all those options – from Nuggets, Dinner Bars, and Chubs.

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